Video marketing is certainly an important consideration for your online and digital marketing strategy. If you have not implemented this yet, then get your skates on as statistics indicate video marketing in terms of content creation offers your business the highest ROI against other forms of content marketing.
Video is currently, and we believe will continue to dominate social and online landscapes for some time. Here at ONDIGITAL Media Group our team are well equipped to integrate video marketing into our
social media packages or as a separate service.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote your brand, showcase products or services and to get engagement on your social channels. There is so much you can do with video and businesses of all sizes use this daily to keep that connection their customers.
Furthermore, including video marketing into your local marketing strategy will make your campaigns much more effective. Social media posts with video have 48% more views, so if your objective is to get more engagement then you are on the right path with video marketing.

Types of Video

This is what makes video marketing so great for businesses, as you have a multitude of different types of video to either educate or entertain your audience. It could be an ‘explainer’ video on how to use a product or service, a dynamic property video, a short branding video or a portfolio video showcasing some of your work.

There are some video durations that you should try and observe, and you should always try and get your key messages across as early on in the video to keep your audience engaged throughout. Remember to have a call to action, so essentially what your audience need to do once they have watched the video.